Leilani Rose​


"I couldn’t have imagined a more blissful, healing experience when I showed up to Leilani Silver’s class. She gave a group of my closest friends a private session early in the morning and we had the most magical time. Mostly I just thought that I would be able to relax for an hour and listen to beautiful vibrations, but there was so much more waiting for me! I felt more in touch with my body than I had since giving birth a year ago...I was brimming with ecstatic love for the rest of the day. Highly recommend Leilani to anyone. She was made for this light work."


"Wow just wow! Coming into this with never receiving a sound bath before I was curious as to what happens in a room with these beautiful bowls. I had an idea, I’d lay down and she’d play the bowls for us. I was only a little close! Leilani took me on an incredible journey of healing . The way she guided me before even laying down to center and align me was exactly what I needed and didn’t even know it. Then the sound of the bowls while laying down took me on a healing journey . It was transformational and I am so glad I went. Leilani is so gifted!"


"This is what it feels like at Leilani Rose Silver crystal bowl healing. I had a flood of psychic intuitions and the energy is indescribable. So grateful and blessed to have this resource in Hawi!! Fantastic and fabulous can’t say enough!!