Leilani Rose​

Leilani's Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls

Jeralyn Glass founder of Crystal Cadence put my set of bowls together. This is what she wrote about my bowls. "Heart Empowering, Heart Healing Chakra set tuned to 432hz, anchored and rooted in the unwavering, steadfast vibration of Love through the 10 inch platinum F."

Rhodochrosite--Soul Star Chakra (Note: High C) Empowering healing and purification of one's emotional body, Rhodochrosite amplifies joy and the action of loving self fully through awareness of Self’s perfect beauty.

Sage Forest Gold--Crown Chakra (Note: B) This bowl connects one with all of nature, including nature spirits. It allows one to begin to use the forces of nature and harness them to guide their path of Awakening. Healing through the heart. Touching all layers of the heart giving protection and strength. The wisdom of Sage Aura teaches us that our hearts are stronger than we know. It can help to heal beyond a cellular level and support an ongoing growth of gratitude and love. It restores the heart to its purity of love.

Lemurian Seed--3rd Eye Chakra (Note: A) This bowl taps us into the world of Lemuria, where all information is stored from the beginnings of time. This is a very powerful tool in accessing other dimensional information and wisdom. Lemurian seed opens one to receiving divine downloads.

Rose Quartz--Throat Chakra (Note: G) A heart-to-heart bridge energy for emotional healing and calming, Rose Quartz encourages inner harmony, softly opening the heart center to energize our love source. A gentle version of Rose Quartz energy, Rose Quartz Clear assists in relationships, aligns the chakras and heals etheric fields, all while resonating with pure heart centered love.

St. Germain Aura--Heart Chakra (Note: F) Is made of Pink Gold and Platinum. The St. Germain/Violet Flame bowls are powerful master teachers. Through St. Germain Alchemy comes the wisdom of ascension. It supports the embodiment of high vibrational Source Energy in our physical body. It holds the energy of Divinity in action through our humanness. This combination alchemy is about divine, feminine love. It allows one to step into the gentle, tender understanding and divine feminine wisdom. This bowl is the true expression of love in all it's forms.

Platinum--Heart Chakra (Note: F) A pastel rainbow elegance is achieved in yin energy. Platinum stimulates the divine feminine, relieves stress , diminishes depression while aligning the intuitive and emotional body.

Peridot--Solar Plexus (Note: E) Supporting physical detoxification, Peridot releases negative emotions fostering emotional balance and inner peace. It attracts love and calms anger from within. Enhancing confidence Peridot helps us see our own light promoting access to our inner vision and joy.

Green Goddess Aura--Sacral Chakra(Note: D) is the same element of Gold as the above Green Heart Aura Gold, but fired in a special process to create the green color and to b​ring in more "wisdom" and elegance, grace and beauty. The essence of it is uniting heart and mind. It is about opening the heart fully to giving and receiving love and embodying radiant health. It allows us to be more kind and open and compassionate to others in the process of living in this human body.

Green Heart Aura Gold--Root Chakra (Note: Low C) Made of gold. This bowl is about opening the heart fully to giving and receiving love. It creates strong roots that help us to connect in a universal manner with all life. The feeling of Oneness of connection to all that is. It allows us to be more understanding and compassionate with others.