Leilani Rose​


Sound Healer, Librarian, Artist, & Mom

When I found sound healing and Crystal Tones alchemy singing bowls it was as if all the puzzle pieces of my life finally fit together. I had found a way to help heal myself, others, and the planet. I attended my first sound bath in 2017 conducted by Jeralyn Glass of Crystal Cadence. It was a transformational experience! The sound energy vibrating from the bowls are filled with light and love. I have felt the power and relief of sound healing first hand and know how beneficial it is. It has helped me heal from anxiety, depression, damaged self esteem and past traumas, including the deaths of my sister (2011) and brother (2013). After the sound bath with Jeralyn I felt a deep energy shift and clearing of stagnant energy. It made me feel calm and at peace. There was a profound connection to the precious sound healing of the singing bowls and I instantly knew this was my life purpose. It was what I had always been searching for.  I believe in the healing benefits of sound plus positive intention. I want to help others heal while sharing my love of crystal alchemy singing bowls.

I have an undergraduate degree in Ceramics and Printmaking and a graduate degree in Information Science. As the current Youth Services Librarian at the North Kohala Public Library I am dedicated to serving the youth of North Kohala by promoting a love of reading and life-long learning. I am known for my storytelling in the library and among North Kohala schools. Born and raised on the Big Island, I feel a very deep connection to the land and am passionate about sustainability and cultivating a healthy planet for future generations.

I also love chasing clouds, rainbows, and sunsets!


My mission is to share soothing sounds for mind, body and spirit! I use positive intention, vocal toning, and the sounds of Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls to help facilitate individual and planetary healing. 


My vision is to create an existence guided by love and peace on a healthy planet where all life lives in harmony!